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The moment you contact our firm we commit to:

1.) Treating you and your family with respect at all times.

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4.) Working hard to achieve the best result possible in your case.


Our Michigan lawyers know the rules, judges, and prosecutors in all of the local courts. Because our attorneys are very familiar with the court where your case is pending, we are able to achieve the best possible result in your case. We are familiar with the programs that are available in every court, which may help you avoid jail time.  Our ultimate goal is to avoid a conviction in general and research your case thoroughly in hopes for a possible dismissal.  Regardless if this result can be achieved, there are certain strategic pleas that can be made that ultimately can result in a dismissal


We realize that many of our clients in Macomb County do not have large sums of money to hire a lawyer. This is why we allow many of our clients to pay a down payment and make monthly payments with no interest.


When you are accused of a crime in Macomb County, you will have only one chance to hire the right law firm to help you in your time of need. Make that choice here.  Call us now so we can begin to help you win your case.

The Law Firm of Avis Choulagh provides expertise in the following areas and all other criminal matters:

Drunk Driving: We provide defense for all felony and misdemeanors that involve drinking and driving, operating while intoxicated or impaired driving, OWI, DUI, OWPD, OWVI, first, second or third offense, super drunk, child endangerment, zero tolerance, OWI/DUI causing death or serious personal injury.

Driver License Restoration: We provide representation for individuals revoked for multiple drinking and driving offenses, license restoration hearings before the Driver License Appeal Division of the Michigan Secretary of State and appeals hearings in the circuit court.

Domestic Violence Defense: We provide representation in all Domestic Violence offenses. An allegation of domestic violence alone will usually trigger an arrest and jail for whomever the police determine is the “assailant.” That determination is often made by a law enforcement officer who may not have sufficient information to dig below the surface of a situation. An officer will often make an arrest decision based only on relative physical size, emotional demeanor and a comparison of injuries. Once the officer picks the primary aggressor, that person is headed to jail and stays there until bail is set. Just one or two days in jail are enough to cause stigma, job loss, emotional chaos, estrangements from children and other negative life impacts. And this is only the beginning of the domestic violence process.

Probation Violations: We provide representation in all probation violations in circuit and district courts, motions for early termination of probation and try and terminate your probation early, drug test violations, new criminal violations, motions to modify conditions of probation.

Juvenile Cases: We provide representation in all felony and misdemeanors, MIP, Zero Tolerance, drug crimes, assault crimes, property crimes, malicious destruction of property, juvenile sex offenses.

Traffic Tickets: We provide representation in all civil infractions and misdemeanor traffic offenses, speeding, open intoxicants, leaving the scene of an accident, DWLS (driving while license suspended), driving while license expired, reckless driving, careless driving.