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Victims of personal injury deserve compensation for their injuries. With the help of a lawyer, you might be able to seek justice for the actions that caused your injury. Here at the Law Firm of Avis Choulagh, we want to assist you.

For years, Avis Choulagh has been handling personal injury cases. He works hard to protect the rights of his clients, and that work gets him results. By taking an aggressive approach, he aims to recover damages for your incident. Whether he resolves your case in a settlement or in court, Avis Choulagh can stand up for you.

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury claim occurs when one individual or business negligently behaves and causes you damage. For example, slip and fall accidents, malpractice, and motorcycle accidents often result in personal injury claims.

According to Michigan law, you can file a personal injury claim against the negligent party. You could be eligible for compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. However, you need to file the lawsuit for a chance at recovering your damages.

Working with a personal injury attorney in Lansing, MI is one way to get the money you deserve. When you contact our firm, we can tell you the steps you need to take to move forward.

The Keys to a Personal Injury Claim

If you want a successful personal injury claim, your accident needs to satisfy several requirements. Here are a few key elements of a personal injury claim:

1. You Suffered from an Injury or Loss

During the incident, you must have experienced harm or loss of some type. Otherwise, there are no damages you can recover.

2. The Other Party Had a Duty of Care

Duty of care refers to an individual or business’ responsibility to keep you safe. For example, a doctor is responsible for providing you with safe and effective treatments. You cannot file a lawsuit against someone who had no duty of care in the first place.

Consider this example. A construction site is fenced off, but an individual climbs the fence and trips over a hole. Although the site owner has a duty of care to the employees that work on the site, they have no duty to illegal trespassers.

3. There was a Breach of Duty of Care

Your incident needs to involve a breach of duty of care. If not, then the other party shoulders none of the responsibility for the accident.

For example, a place of business could neglect to put up a “slippery when wet” sign. It’s their duty to warn you of dangers and to keep you safe. However, they failed to do their duty and the result was an injury. You could file a lawsuit.

Personal Injury Claim Laws

Every state has unique laws regarding personal injury cases. For instance, many states have a statute of limitations on personal injury claims. But the time limit varies. If you’re not familiar with Michigan’s laws, you should contact our firm.

The amount of damages you can recover also vary depending on your state laws. If you settle your case out of court, you and the opposing party can come up with your own agreement. However, a court decision is more limiting. Typically, you receive compensation for the medical bills, missed time from work, and pain and suffering.

Serious injuries often warrant a higher payout. However, if you were at fault for part of the injury, the court will take that into account. You are likely to receive less money for your incident.

It’s impossible to say how much money you could receive for your claim. However, our firm can give you an estimate. After hearing about your situation, we can let you know more about your compensation.

Types of Claims

There are several common types of personal injury claims. Here’s a closer look at some of them:

1. Medical Malpractice

Doctors owe it to their patient to provide them with a certain level of care. However, that doesn’t always happen. If a doctor fails to diagnose you or mistreats you, the result could be an injury.

2. Auto Accidents

Sometimes, car accidents result in personal injury claims. When drunk driving, recklessness, and other similar behavior causes an accident, you could file a personal injury claim.

3. Dog Bites

A dog owner has a responsibility to keep the people around them safe. In certain scenarios, a dog owner is irresponsible and the result is a dog bite.

The Importance of Compensation

When you suffer from a personal injury, the damage can be great. If your injury is serious, you could miss weeks or months of work. In extreme cases, you might never be able to work again. That can take quite a toll on your finances.

Even a minor injury can hurt your bank account. In 2016, the median income in Lansing was only $40,160. That doesn’t leave much money for paying for medical bills. After only a short time, expenses add up. You could find yourself deeply in debt and with nowhere to turn.

However, there is an option. Filing a lawsuit gives you a chance at receiving money for the incident. With that money, you can prevent yourself from getting stuck in a cycle of debt. You can also give your family a brighter future. 49% of households in Lansing have kids under the age of 18. If you can’t provide for yourself, you can’t provide for them.

For years, our firm has worked to protect the rights of individuals. We have extensive knowledge of local laws and understand what it takes to file a successful claim. More importantly, we understand the challenges that come with personal injury. By working together, we can alleviate your financial stress.

Working with a Personal Injury Attorney in Lansing, MI

If you want to seek justice for your injury, it’s time you contacted a lawyer. Here at the Law Firm of Avis Choulagh, we have what it takes to get you results. Our team dedicates itself to handling your case in a skilled and professional manner.

The sooner you take action, the better your chances are at receiving damages. Contact us today to get started.